Module C - how to control LEDs?

I’ve been looking inside docs and internals of MOX, but I haven’t found way how to alter or disable Module C ethernet LEDs function.

Is it possible?

Thank you

This is not yet possible in a simple way. I am working with upstream kernel developers to implement a generic API for controlling network PHY LEDs, but currently the only way to do this is to write switch registers, and that is not exported to userspace. You need to change kernel code to do that.

I will try to apply to TurrisOS kernel the next patch series I will be sending to upstream. This would be an experimental solution for TurrisOS though, and I currently have many other things on TODO list, so this would need some time.

If more users would be interested in this though, I could implement a simple code to kernel so that users would be able to write switch LED registers.

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Thank you for reply.

I’d like to reduce light emissions at night time at usage (without ugly ductape around UTP cables).

For now I’m ok with setting up registers ugly way, but if you present some official kernel patches, I can do at least R-b and Tested-by (on my MOX at home).

I would be happy if you ping me when something will be ready to test.

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