Modprobe command not found

installed lxc debian container. tried to use modprobe fuse but it rose a command not found-error. is it possible in lxc to use modprobe or what am i missing? im not that good in cli and linux but im using root just preventing privilege problems during this problem.

im sure this is my stupidity but can i get help anyway?:slight_smile:

Containers don’t have “their own” kernels, so if you need to load some kernel modules, I believe the only way is to use those built for that kernel you are running – and that’s the Turris one, irrespective of the container. (I’m not aware of that being doable from within a container, but I can’t say I know details around them well.)

so in other words you cant use fuse or modprobe (or gocryptfs) or such in containers?

some others “work arounds” ?

thanks for reply!

Since this is rather lxc specific than TOS a good source to get acquainted with the lxc workings/intricacies are its man pages and its user forum (in latter the question been raised and responded).

Just run opkg update; opkg install kmod-fuse outside container (ssh directory to router). The reason is that container does not have kernel provided so the tools in container are not able to insert any modules to kernel. Gocryptfs should later work (unless you are running non-privileged container which is not default setup anyway).

thanks for an appropriate answer! i’ll look into it why its not still working even kmod-fuse is up to date on TO side