Modifications board

I bought the board

Unfortunately plate came without specifications
measured and there is a specification involvement

plus the middle

Source stabilized 12v
1.5A is little
I used 4A

the first step was to create a secure base.
I used 4 mm plexi

spectator did not work optimally

I used measurement of 2metody
putty and temperature sensor

I put a new radiator and check the temperature

I adjusted the cooler to precisely sat on the board

I measured for the control of both surface coolers and transferred

I measured the power pins and joined cooler to 7V I hope it’s okay
(This question is for CZ.NIC)

and stress involved in holding the temperature at 56 degrees
finish design


Hi, nice cooler mod.
Regarding the power supply you used for powering the fan. I believe that connector was designed to supply power to HDD. That means it only provides 5V a 12V voltages. The 7V voltage you use is difference between those supply volgates and you should not use it like this. In your scenario the 5V supply must work as a current sink but it was probably not designed to do so. You might get away with it since the fan is relatively light load and other loads on 5V net can “eat” that fan current. I just would not recommend it. In the worst case it could rise voltage of the 5V supply, assuming that 12V comes from the beefy power adapter. Potentially releasing magic smoke from components all over the board.

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What HDD, are you referring to if may ask?

Because what i have come to know is that a msata-hdd has already a place, just on the right next to the wifi-cards. Also that msata-hdd is getting its power from the interface it self as it demands very low power.

There was a NAS perk where you could get special box to fit two 3.5" drives in and power them from Omnia and you would also get MiniPCI SATA controller to connect them.

OOH, so the board back in march/april/may was then still in development if you look at it that way? I had the idea that they thought about another solution to work WITH the board that already existed for the NAS solution.

What kind of DC connector did you use to power Turris. I used the 5.5 outer diameter and 2.5 inner diameter and it wiggles a lot. I never had this problem before with these type of connectors.

I first used a universal adapter for laptops 5.5x2.5

On Friday I bought this and runs smoothly

after long experiments with wifi card I gave up and ordered that
2 days after ordering me to come home. :slight_smile:
and immediately after insertion into Turris started to work perfectly.
price and COD 570 CZK

Finally I got to create a second heat sink under the board.
Temperatures fell steeply downward.
Needless to enjoy neither active fan.


  1. thermal conductive rubber
  2. sheet of the old DVD drive

This is how the final case, including NAS box for yet 2 HDD 3.5
Description will be added later.

Working cover:

Final case: