[Mobile app] Notifications in Czech

Turris Omnia messages are in Czech and make them unusable for me. Can this be changed?

can you tell me which messages do you mean? Would you please provide me the screenshot of it?

Notifications, which you get in Foris are in two languages - English and Czech. That depends, which language do you use for Foris. If you get any notification in Czech and you’d decide that you want to have Foris interface in English then the notification itself will switch to English variant.

I forgot that I was checking the messages via the mobile app. Via the Foris web interface the messages are in English.

There is a previous discussion about this with no fix in sight. According to this discussion, it seems complicated to even contribute ourselves to this.

A real shame. I mean who would not find it useful to get router notifications on the phone? Surely a handy thing in my book, in this day and age.

Thank you.

And indeed, the mobile app could be really useful. The only practical use it has now is to do a quick reboot.