Minidlna transcode patch

have any of you tried this patched version of minidlna with transcoding ? Would turris omnia be powerfull enough to handle that ?

The goal is to overcome missing codecs on tv

Transcoding without HW codec would really be painful… I bet a raspi is a better choice here. You can get builds with HW decoders and encoders supported via OMX.

Yes, I did transcoding of some videos on a 2-core 20-year-old server, but it barely did 15 fps and the power consumption must have been really horrible…



i managed to install Serviio in LXC Ubuntu container on my turris omnia - based on this guide, seems to work well, will experiment with what it can and cannot play…

it has an option to define a device profile based on the codec/capabilities and can do lot of stuff