miniDLNA - not serving any file

Hello, trying to setup miniDLNA bu no luck, it doesn’t serve any file.

Configuration is like above, service is up. Also restarted miniDLNA several times.

Any suggestions?

try to change the “Root container”
from ‘.’ to use the standard container (this is the default)
to ‘B’ to use the “Browse Directory” container
…with “standard” you can specify file types (audio,pictures,video), with “browse” this not possible, but you can have dedicated folder for each file types …

also keep in mind that miniDLNA need to scan the folders. So many small files or/and many very big files might cause some issues.


Changed to Browse Directory, and it works now. Many thanks :slight_smile:
Btw what is the reason?

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Hello, unfortunately this solution didn’t help me. Only 1 video scanned :frowning_face:
Blue Turris (1.1), OS v. 5.3.1

Any idea what to do? Txt.

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