miniDLNA not refreshing

Hi, I have bought Turris Omnia and I am trying to set up miniDLNA. I have external drive connected and mounted to /srv. In /srv/NAS I have direcory which is accesed by SMB (that works). In /srv/NAS/Share/Media I have folder which is configured in miniDLNA. Everything works good. But when I add any file (via SMB) the file is not automatically indexed by miniDLNA. /etc/init.d/minidlna reload does not help. Only thing that helps is rebooting whole router. I have inotify option turned on in miniDLNA settings.

How can I set up to automatically detect new files? Rebooting everytime is pretty annoying.

Perhaps restarting the service is OK for you?

/etc/init.d/minidlna restart

I know nothing about minidlna in particular, really.

Restart works but only when I delete database directory before. But that is pretty anoing as well. I don’t want to manually restart or delete something everytime I add a file.

I used this workaround: I have installed LXC container with debian and downloaded miniDLNA from apt-get and configured it manually. Now everything works. The miniDLNA version in OpenWrt has probably a bug which causes that sometimes the library is not being refreshed.

I have the same issue. It seems that the latest version of minidlna (installed by the package manager) isn’t compatible with the current version of Turris’ OX (v3?).

I have to do the following to reindex content:

# rm -rf /var/run/minidlna
# /etc/init.d/minidlna restart

On a related note, do you receive error messages about running a LXC container from the internal memory (bad)? I have a container installed on an internal RAID driver, but I still get this message.

Yes, I thing there is some bug somewhere in miniDLNA/Turis.

Ad LXC on internal storage:
I once also got a warning not to run LXC container in internal memory. I was because the storage menu item in Foris is not working properly. It had formatted my drive into Btrfs filesystem, but it hadn’t mount it as /srv. In the storage menu item I still had red warning that the internal storage is used. I had to mount it manually in LuCI as /srv:

This website didn’t allow me to insert two images in one post, so:

Now the Storage menu item in Foris is green, which hadn’t been.

Mohu potvrdit stejné chování i u Turisu 1.1 - pro aktualizaci seznamu souborů je potřeba smazat databázi a restartovat službu a tím vytvořit databázi novou. :frowning:

Does it happens also on Turris OS 4.x/5.x?

I am having this issue on Turris OS 3.11.5.