Mini PCIE HW accelerator for ChaCha20

is there a mini PCI express card that provides hardware acceleration for ChaCha20 algorithm? I need it for improving Wireguard thourghput

Can hardware TPM module speed up ChaCha20?

No, a hardware TPM (Trusted Platform Module) module cannot directly speed up ChaCha20. ChaCha20 is a stream cipher algorithm, and its performance is primarily determined by the speed of the CPU and memory.
TPM is a secure cryptoprocessor that can be used to store cryptographic keys and perform cryptographic operations. It can be used to accelerate certain cryptographic operations, but ChaCha20 is not one of them.

Answer by Gemini AI

No it can’t (because a TPM serves a different purpose) but that wasn’t the question.

ChaCha20 was developed to perform well in software (to avoid the need for hardware accelerators as it’s the case with AES). I haven’t seen any dedicated HW accelerator cards for SOHO routers.

TurrisOmnia Hardware is ARM based and so it won´t be any hardware
support for the ChaChaPoly algorithm itself.

x86_64Bit Hardware
Intel CPU with Intel QAT inside or support
Linux or FreeBSD with QAT driver 2.0 installed

This three things together would be supporting to speed
up ChaCHaPoly in WireGuard VPN, a bit as I see it right.

As an example:
pfSense with Intel QAT CPU
OpenWRT with Intel QAT CPU