Minecraft server

Hi guys,
I’d like to use Turris 1.x as a minecraft server.

There is no official JRE for OpenWRT PowerPc so I installed jamvm there.
Each try to start Minecraft server ends with the exception java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: getStartTime.

I tried to use LXC container with Debian inside. Official JRE exists and I’m able to start Minecraft server.
The problem is performance:

  1. It uses about 50% of CPU time of Turris.
  2. It is too slow so logging to the server ends with timeout always.

I created small performance test class and I measured that java on the physical Turris is about 6 times faster compare to java inside LXC container.

Is it possible to speedup java inside of LXC container?
Or is it possible to get full official java for OpenWRT Turris 1.x?

Best regards,

Minecraft server is known to be very demanding

It isn’t good idea to run Minecraft on Turris 1.x. (or even on router).

If you want something small like ARM board (but perfomance will not be good as it should be with normal PC for minecraft server) let’s think about Odroid XU4 (here is another review)

It depends how much players/plugins you want on your server.

In the past I host server for me and few friends (cca 6 players), and I can tell you that even I gave to the server 4096MB ram it wasn’t enough for the 3 maps and several plugins. I think its not realistic to use any ARM based device for this purpose.