Migrating to TOS 4 with schnapps

I want to migrate vom TOS 3 to TOS 4 on my Omnia.
I know the recommended way: reflashing it with an USB flash drive.

In this post Waiting for TurrisOS 4? there is an alternative way via schnapps:
schnapps import -f medkit-4.0.tar.gz && schnapps rollback factory
which updates the factory image and then performs a rollback.

Does it need to be the factory reset or can I just import the snapshot normally with
schnapps import medkit4.x.tar.gz
and then do a rollback?

Is there any drawback to this?

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It can be regular snapshot but that requires info file together with tar.gz. You have to create it (extract existing snapshot to see what is expected for import). There are two known snapshots and that is @ (current root) and @factory. Using factory is easy that way and also updates factory to newer version.

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Thank you @cynerd. So updating the factory image seems the easier solution and I wil go with that.