Medkit issue with omnia


I used the medkit that I downloaded here

I used a USB key in FAT32 and I following tutorial “Re-flash router”.

After reboot the router, I try to connect to and I get this error message: “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.”

Ping from my computer to is OK

Can you please help me?

Best regards.

there is currently a bug in the latest version (6.4.3) medkit making reForis not start.

Please re-flash your Omnia with medkit from previous version 6.4.2 Omnia medkit
We apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi Marek, may I suggest that you manually rewire to a working image until a fixed version gets released?

There have been at least two posts here of affected users (one of which required substantial amounts of troubleshooting) and we can assume that there’s a much higher number of affected users out there.


Thank you for the suggestion. However fixup is already on the way. Today we released 6.4.4 release candidate containing it.
If everything else goes well, 6.4.4 should reach stable branch very soon.

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