[mDNS] foris-controller block avahi services


Here is my flow ( made with ascii flow)

 ┌───▼──────┐       vlan-iot   ┌──────┐
 │ Firewall ├──────────────────►Player│
 └────┬─────┘                  └──────┘
 ┌────▼──┐   lan┌───────┐
 │ Omnia ├──────┤Station│
 └───────┘      └───────┘

My player publish a airplay service, which is received on Firewall.

  • run avahi-daemon with enable-reflector=yes


  • umdns is disabled
  • avahi-daemon is installed and running with enable-reflector=yes. it get airplay services from Firewall but on one condition.

I just discover if foris-controller is running and none of my services are available for the Station.
Once stopped everything appears.

I saw in /etc/init.d/foris-controller an option : --zeroconf-enabled
but when i remove it i lost reforis access.
So i can’t stop it and can’t edit edit otherwise i loose reforis access

I don’t know where to dig to get more infos

I didn’t find anything relevant elsewhere. only this issue ( with a MR) Foris-controller won't fully start when something is running on port 5353 (#200) · Issues · Turris / Foris Controller / foris-controller · GitLab