Matter protocol support for Turris Omnia

Will Turris Omnia support Matter protocol?

More about Matter protocol: Build With Matter | Smart Home Device Solution - CSA-IOT


I’d second this (Turris devices as Matter bridge/hub)- it would reduce needed devices in a home.

Are we trying to use the Turris device as a Thread/Matter border router?

In that case, I think some 802.15.4 connectivity would be needed, and possibly also Bluetooth. Since that’s not present on the existing wifi card it would need to be added, perhaps by using something like Home Assistant SkyConnect - Home Assistant (connected by USB) … but the Thread / Matter support for that device is still coming in a “future firmware update” :soon:.

Then the question comes: could one do something like this already by running home-assistant in a container and adding that dongle? Is there any support proposed in OpenWRT for a native gateway / border router solution?

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ot-br-posix was recently added to the OpenWrt packages: openthread-br: new package by stintel · Pull Request #19218 · openwrt/packages · GitHub

Given google’s inclination to drop even successful projects with actual users, is any one willing to bet how long matter is going to survive?

Matter is an open protocol, not a Google product. I won’t guess how long it will live but however long that is, it will have nothing to do with Google being trigger happy.

Matter, IMHO, is not an organic open protocol with a large groundswell developer community, but a project coming down from Google and co… My expectation is that it will only live/strive as long as there is enough corporate backing, and in the case of Google I am not confident to bet that they will be in it for the long haul. However you are right and it is not Google only, so it might live on even when Goggle pulls out.

Just ordered two USB-adapters. Let’s see what is possible.

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While going through the OpenWrt development mailing list, I see that there was similar thing was discussed there in July 2023:


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