Manually update to latest

Maybe a stupid question, but after a factory reset (3 leds) the software on my omnia reverted to foris 96.9 with Turris OS version 3.9.2 and kernel 4.4.110-1e4a549d177ab3da12b2052fba6a4dd5-0.

Is there a way to force update automatically? If I ssh and run /usr/bin/ I get:

line not found line not found line not found ERROR: runtime: [string "file:////etc/updater/conf.d/base.lua"]:28: attempt to index global 'os' (a nil value) Working on message: 1577801734-3607 There is no message to send.

What am i missing?


The 3 led mode takes you back to the factory firmware, which corresponds to the one with which the hardware was sold or that of the last medikit you used. In the official documentation you will find all the possible ways. To update from ssh you must give the opkg update command (update the package list) and then opkg list-upgradable | cut -f 1 -d '' | xargs opkg upgrade (as well as for OpenWRT, it installs all packages named by name from the list of updatable packages If you want to update from Foris you have to use the Updater tab. In reality that is a very old version and in that case you should flash the last medikit from USB key with the 4 led mode
Then I advise you to always specify the device you own and the revision code.
You incorrectly entered your question in the Turris OS 4.x section, but you are talking about Turris OS 3.x.x.

Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated!

I’ll go work on the 4 led solution.

I posted in the 4.x section inadvertently, because before factory reset I was on OS 4. Apologies!