Make a change or click a tab and get logged out of luci

i was looking to install cake qdisc in software tab and all of a sudden it logs me out of luci. and i cant access it again. why is this happening? this is the 7th time its happened,just simply clicking a different tab like upnp/software will log me out. i have to reboot the router with the button on back of router in order to log in again. v frustrating when im simply just trying to see settings that are listed and it kicks me and wont let me log back in. i get "This page isn’t working"
then on top of that when i reboot it from the button, the wifi is gone and none of the dhcp address show up as if nothing is connected to the internet… (pulls hair out)

are you blocking cookies? or maybe clear out your cookies, you might have a spoiled one?

i have cleared my cookies a few days ago. not to sure if this would be the reasoning behind the disconnects to Luci. a spoiled cookie? not sure ive heard of that term pardon me.

and if i am blocking cookies i doubt it, never remember setting something up like that in the browser. how would you even check if cookies are blocked?

the spoiled cookie was a joke. i believe luci is using session cookies to track that you’re logged in. if you’re blocking cookies that could cause the symptoms you’re describing. or it could be a glitch in the web server. have you tried rebooting your router (or just restarting lighttpd)?

Can someone please close this topic and marked as resolved?

I have reset cookies /enabled and re-enabled them as well as deleted cache and this seemed to fix the issue of logging me out of Luci. thanks for the advice!

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