Majordomo sunset period

Dear Turris fans,

the Majordomo package was an early approach towards giving the user an overview of activity inside his internal network through the Turris routers. With the course of time, Majordomo became insufficient as a solution and was replaced by Pakon, which utilizes Suricata to display and analyze collected data.

For these reasons, we haven’t been developing Majordomo further and are considering it‘s gradual removal from our supported package list as soon as it has functionally been replaced by Pakon. If you are using Majordomo solely for monitoring network traffic, not much would change for you, you would simply switch to Pakon‘s CLI or web interface. For those users, who want to have continued access to their archived data, we will prepare a static clickable display of their data. The Majordomo module will then gradually be removed from Turris OS so that it‘s outdated state doesn‘t pose a security threat.

The Pakon web interface will be part of Turris OS version 3.10, which planned for spring 2018 and Majordomo would, in that case, be eliminated in summer 2018. :sunrise:

If you have any questions or comments about letting Majordomo go, please post them here.

Your Turris Team


I have just run opkg install pakon.

This is the result. What is the command failed about?

Configuring pakon-lists.
Configuring sqlite3-cli.
Configuring pakon.
Command failed: Not found
Command failed: Not found

Ještě mám druhou otázku.
V updateru mám zaškrnutý:

Detekce připojených zařízení
Software pro detekci nově připojených zařízení na lokální síti (EXPERIMENTÁLNÍ).

Myslel jsem právě že toto je současný pakon ale když jsem následoval tak jsem zjistil že ho očividně nemám nainstalovaný.

Jaký je mezi těmito nástroji rozdíl?

try to run:

opkg update

before that to update the available package list.

Of course i did run that.

You can just ignore it, it’s completely harmless. (It’s caused by post-install script, that (re)starts suricata. Restart simply does stop && start of suricata service and OpenWRT’s procd produces this ugly warning when stopping service that’s not running. But we need to have restart on this place - to ensure restarting Suricata upon its upgrade - the post-inst/pre-rm scripts works in a bit odd manner in OpenWRT…).

But as it confused many people already, I will add a workaround to hide this message in next versions.

V současnosti ještě není, ale detekce připojených zařízení se v další verzi sloučí do pakoně a zmizí jako samostatný software. Jinak prosím pište do anglických topiců anglicky. :slight_smile:

EN: pakon-dev-detect as a seperate package was basically just a testbed for pakon (we needed to test certain things), it’s functionality will be merged to pakon in next version of Turris OS - that’s just a packaging change, the functionality will be kept, don’t worry.

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It was already over 24 hours. Pakon-show still shows no records. I am just going to run update toward 3.9.4 to see if it helps.

EDIT: Still
no records to show

Okay. And about pakon-dev-detect. I do have this guy installed, but he does nothing. Unfortunately.

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