LXC Symlink to msata, Containers are no longer displayed


I put a msata SSD in my Turris.
All LXC containers should be installed on this msata.

For this I mounted the SSD and created a symlink to the SSD.


Now no more LXC containers are displayed in the Luci backend.

Do I have to set another symlink?

i have a HDD in my turris nas, and lxc is diplayed in luci

Couldn’t you just mount it in /srv directly?

I used Foris to format and move stuffs to the drive. And everything is under /srv, yes. LXC stuffs are under /srv/lxc

So if you symlink tou are able to ls /srv there is lxc folder.

Maybe the timing is crucial in this case. Mounting the drive in /srv is done early in the boot process and maybe like that LXC will be detected by LuCi. I don’t know about symlinking how/when does it work.

The problem’s solved itself.
Apparently the router just took a little longer to display the LXC containers.

Glad to hear that it has solved itslef!