LXC new template for devuan


want to start with LXC on my omnia, but my favorite linux distribution Devuan (https://www.devuan.org/) is not included as template.

There exist one for LXC: https://git.devuan.org/gregolsen/lxc-devuan

Downloaded the files and copied it to /usr/share/lxc/templates and /usr/share/lxc/config but after that ‘devuan’ is not listed. What I have to do for that?



Isn’t the devuan.org LXC template just for amd64 or i386?

Probably you are right. I have no experience with lxc at all.

So I know devuan and it is available for armv7 (also running on Raspberry Pi). I found, that ‘meta’ and ‘images’ are stored in http://api.turris.cz/lxc/

I guess a basic devuan root image has to be created first. But what’s the right way to do that?

It’s Trusty Tahr not devuan, maybe helpful:

I use something like this, to install manual a LXC-Container:

wget http://uk.images.linuxcontainers.org/images/ubuntu/trusty/armhf/default/20170104_03:49/rootfs.tar.xz
wget http://uk.images.linuxcontainers.org/images/ubuntu/trusty/armhf/default/20170104_03:49/meta.tar.xz

mkdir -p /srv/lxc/TR/rootfs
tar xvf meta.tar.xz -C /srv/lxc/TR/
tar xvf rootfs.tar.xz -C /srv/lxc/TR/rootfs/

Manual edit the config-file in /srv/lxc/TR/ (see the Containers, which created by the turris directly)

lxc-start -n TR

ArmHF = ArmV7

It seems to work…

It seems that there are also some build scripts mentioned on the main page - http://uk.images.linuxcontainers.org/ and I assume that is the answer @thessy is looking for. He “just” need to manage how to use them to build the devuan arm LXC image

Thanks @MiKe and @BeCube I will look into that.

I remember there are some images for embedded devices: https://files.devuan.org/devuan_jessie_beta/embedded/

Probably I could take one of these as rootfs.img, but which ‘armhf’ image is closest to TO?

only products with the same SoC I found was ClearFog and some Linksys WRT routers so you have to try :slight_smile: I would personally go for smallest images at first - but strangely smallest are the one where is also display/media - N900, Ouya so I’m bit confused