LXC DHCP use wrong network


I have moved to a new home and for some months I did not use my Turris Omnia.
After stating it I gave it an upgrade and now my LXC containers does not show up in the list:
Luci → Network → Firewall → Port Forwards → edit → Internal IP address

Previously my container had the IP number
but now it is

If I create a new container it also get an ip number in the network.

How can I change LXC DHCP so it gives ip number in the range again?

Work around: Use static IP.
I tried adding “iface eth0 inet static” to /etc/network/interfaces in the container and it worked.
The IP does not pop up in the “port forwards” list but I could enter the ip myself and then the web server was working again.

Problem found: I have added a TP Link Deco m9 wifi mesh which has a build in DHCP server. This gives the container the IP address 192.168.68.x