LXC - Container can only be started one time

Hello again!
Problems are already described in my Thred before (here, but with a wrong subject and with other problems, what causes some lack of understanding.

I am on software version 3.9, but i am sure this problems already exists longer.
The problem:
I can not work fine with containers anymore.
I can start a container at first time (after a fresh reboot)
i can not restart container, 2nd start will fail, without any log-message.
After this:

  1. i can not login luci
  2. i can not create a new container after a while the router is running. (ssh)
  3. i can not start any other container
    i have to restart the router!
    after fresh start i can create container and start it again, but only one time.
    please check the video

I did a factory reset and also a (4led) reset with usb.
any help is welcome!
thanks in advance


Confirmed. Apparently containers can be started once and then all of them at once. After that, any restart cuases the described freezing.
If they are not started literally at once, only one container can be started, the second causes the freezing.

Automatic starting of multiple (2;) containers via /etc/config/lxc-auto seems to work, so does starting tem all at once via a script later if /etc/config/lxc-auto is not an option (this is the case for me, encrypted drive). I added lxc-start -n vmname lines (2) to my mount script for the encrypted drive. This works once. Container reboots require a turris reboot as described bove.

Yes, confirmed as well. I can shut a container, but I cannot restart it. Well, after 20 minutes I gave up.
3.9.1 debian stretch container.

I also confirm this bug… Can’t restart containers, they only restart when I restart the router.

Many thx for this information.
hope this will be released soon.

Closing and it’s duplicate. My answer is there and continue discussing there: