Lxc-clone missing from lxc-tool-set?

The LXC toolset by default present on the omnia only seems to contain a limited subset of what is usually available?

Most notably; lxc-clone is missing? :scream:

This is part of the use-case I want to use LXC containers on Omnia for. :disappointed:

I agree. Note that it is available from the repositories (opkg install lxc-clone). However, it does not work because it requires rsync’s --xattrs option (preserve extended attributes), and for some reason OpenWrt’s rsync is built without that option.

I think this is now a thing of the past (fixed by @cynerd)! At least… on the Turris Omnia lxc-clone seems to work for me now!

I’m not sure whether/how this will “land” in the OpenWrt’s rsync though.

At any rate, it should work now and already could be installed (I installed it via the LuCi interface)!

Case closed!