LXC Actions in LuCI


I’m happily running an LXC container on the Omnia but the actions don’t appear in the LuCi page. Known issue? The container itself shows with the correct status (green for running etc) but cannot be controlled from LuCI.

Have you ever meddled with/renamed your containers not using LuCi (read: using a CLI)?

If so: check the config file LuCi offers an “interface” (text-field/editor) for that through a button (or do it from a CLI ofc.). At least check the rootfs path.

It’s a long-shot, but worth the look I think.

“Meddled”?? yup, I changed the config file to move the rootfs to an mSata drive to conserve space. The container works fine but the LuCI page does not. It shows the status but that’s it. I tracked down some of the issues to the embedded HTML page. The ‘selected disabled’ in the first option for the drop down control causes the button section to not appear for starters. The that follows the option control also causes the HTML to fail. Selection config from the drop down does indeed show the contents of the config file but none of the other buttons work (but that’s with the removed so I’m not too surprised). So, it looks like bad coding in the page.