LuCI stuck on 'collecting data'

In the Luci interface, ALL the statuses now show ‘collecting data’. Something has gone wrong. Any advice?

Mine looks Ok, maybe you’re not logged in anymore or try to reload the page or reboot your TO

I’ve done both of those multiple times. It has been working fine for three days, but now ‘collecting data…’

Also, on the main interface (not Luci), under the DNS section, nothing happens when I click ‘Test Connection’. No failure or passed status. Nothing happens.

Maybe you could try doing a roll back to the latest snapshot (before going for a factory reset), as described here:

I’m going to load a config backup that I made yesterday. Lost all of today’s work though…

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

Loading a config from yesterday did not help. On multiple Luci pages, statuses show ‘Collecting data…’.

I don’t believe this is a configuration issue. Maybe something has become corrupted?

I would like to know how to contact support. Is that possible?

Definitely. Email to or

My bad. User error. I had installed NoScript on the browser. Problem solved. Thanks for all replies. Please throw tomatoes at me now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: