Luci-app-unbound is a no show

Turris Omnia
OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055 / LuCI cc8b99aacec15490bb725fe53abefa1156cb5fe3 branch (git-18.123.42193-cc8b99a)
Kernel 4.4.131-a2dbf3bef3d0c1f725e0a5f0801935a1-2
luci-app-unbound git-18.123.42193-cc8b99a-1

As unbound user I was happy that luci-app-unbound made its entry into the TO (3.10) repo. For some reason however it is a now show in LuCI. Looked all over the place and every tab but could not trace it. Either I need to see my optician or this is a bug indeed.

suppoese that user.lua has no impact on luci-app-unbound :slightly_frowning_face:, which reads

Uninstall("ahcpd", "transmission-daemon-openssl", "mjpg-streamer", "tinyproxy", "odhcpd", "odhcp6c", "dnsmasq", "miniupnpd", "collectd", "samba36-server", "samba36-client", "knot-resolver")

I can’t talk about missing menu for unbound but I can talk about user.lua. That file contains nothing about luci-app-unbound so why should it have any impact on it? It makes no sense. Probably what you are looking for is in opkg-auto.lua file. If you installed luci-app-unbound using opkg command then you would have have line with Install('luci-app-unbound') in it.

I was not wondering about the lua part, suppose that I did not correctly expressed it, but whether the packages mentioned in the Uninstall (and thus removed from the box) could potentially have an impact on
luci-app-unbound being a no show. Not that I reckon so but for the sake of debugging the matter thought it worth mentioning. Hope that clarifies.

Probably you don’t have an unbound configuration file in place (/etc/config/unbound). The LuCI unbound controller looks for that … once in place you’ll find the unbound app in LuCI under Services => Recursive DNS

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@dibdot it resides in /etc/unound as unbound.conf, the way TOS is handling unbound. so probably not compatible

@anon50890781 That directory / files are fine … these are unbound specific config files. The LuCI app looks for a uci compatible unbound counterpart - which is not available on turris devices …

BTW, I use kresd on my turris device, not unbound … I’ve only quickly checked the LuCI controller source for you.

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