Luci-app-radius resurrected for Freeradius3

I thought I’d put a note here about my project to resurrect luci-app-radius. I posted about this over in the OpenWRT forums, but if anyone is interested check out my project.

I haven’t tried compiling this specifically for Turris, but it’s just a LuCI app and there are no architecture requirements for it. I worked on getting going on OpenWRT v21.02.2, but again, I don’t believe there are many changes in this part of OpenWRT.

I’ll be testing it on my Omnia running 5.3.5 which is equivalent to OpenWRT 19.07 for most things.


Has anyone tried it yet?

Just me as far as I know and not on my Omnia (yet). You can download the one I compiled here.

Setting up Freeradius3 by the OpenWRT docs is a little tedious, which might be deterring some folks, but building it is far more onerous.