Luci-app-openvpn - multiple vpn clients starting when only one should

Turris Omnia - rtrom01
Turris OS 3.9.6
Kernel 4.4.119-082ea0f4a4e204b99821bedcb349ed54-0
luci-app-openvpn git-17.212.24321-49c3edd-1

having mutiple (> 1) vpn clients setup, each with a designated interface (tun0, tun1, etc) and having multiple (> 1) clients enabled (option enable '1') and clicking the start button for any client all vpn clients are starting, like being chained.

The expected behaviour would be that each vpn client can be started separatly.

Conversaly the stop button does not cause such a chain reaction and works as expected, i.e. each client can be stopped separately.

Pressing start button for a VPN client also starts the VPN server (if one was setup and stopped)

Turris OS is based on OpenWRT, which means that any VPN Client Tutorial for OpenWRT should work. Most of commercial VPN providers have step by step instructions how to set up their VPN on OpenWRT devices. Here are some general instructions from OpenWRT wiki: [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenVPN client

Found one of these by ivpn and did everything via ssh and it set up all the rules and commited services in firewall,nat,openvpn, etc and i hit the start button and nothing happened.

I know there is so much in the set up via ssh that could go wrong , but is there any error log or to see if the vpn is even TRYING to connect ?

Via ssh:

grep openvpn /var/log/messages

Via Web Interface:
LuCI → Status → System Log

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