LuCI and Reforis do not agree on DNSSEC enablement state

Version 5.1.4 and Version 5.1.5

There seems to be an inconsistency between Luci and Reforis regarding whether or not DNSSEC is enabled.
Reforis shows DNSSEC as enabled, while LuCI does not show it as enabled.

In Luci, we can see that DNSSEC is unchecked:

In Reforis, which is the interface I utilized to enable DNSSEC, it is shown as enabled

Now, i am using a custom resolver (i wanted to use Cloudflares Malware Filtered DNS), so i will include that as well here:

Is this a reportable bug?
If so, I dont know if the issue is in Luci, or the Turris projectś configuration of Luci in using the identical configuration or environment as is Reforis.

The problem is that “DHCP and DNS” interface in luci is only written to affect dnsmasq, but Turris OS does not use dnsmasq for DNS.

That makes sense. Thank you!