Lte not working after back to factory snapshot

Hello there. Hafe a problem. Uqmi and the lte interface dint. Work since i made shit with vlan. With my backup the internet connection wont work and even without the backup and the official lte doku it would not work.
Only see a interface without ip in luci.
Uqmi say the most time connected and even display a ip in current settings. Or when i use my backup uqmi say nothing
Cannt uploade images with my phone.
But uqmi dont give answer when -d is /dev/cdc-wdm0
Can anybody help?
Lg simon

Lol. After 2 hours trying. notes that it need a kernel update to work correct. so make a hotspot with my phone connect to it via wlan and update the system. then the lte modem work correct.
can be cloesd from my side. but maybe helpfull for others

Ok. So after a reboot its the same shit. Uqmi said get data status connected.
Have signal with get signal info.
But interface has no ip in luci.

now magicaly it sents to a wwan0 port. so make a new interface named wwan and made it dhcp and connnect it to wwan0. so i have internet with this port. (this dont worl bevor.) but uqmi has normal connection an all work for me. cant give an answer why it now works.