LTE modem temperature?

Is there some already integrated method to get a temperature of LTE modem? We suffer by occasional modem “disconnection” e.g. almost no data are transferred through it for possible a random time period.

I suspect the cause is the LTE modem overheat. (We get the modem kit without aluminum heatsink cube)
But I do not know how to verify that hypothesis. I know about the sensors command, which gives some temperatures of “MDIO adapter”, but probably nothing is temperature of the LTE modem itself.


I also looked in the modem AT command manual, but I do not found any command to get the modem temperature.

As per @hyc (source: Several questions about Omnia - mostly about LTE modules and Omnia UI in comparison to MOFI 4500), you do need a heatsink to cool your LTE module properly.


I’m currently facing the same Problem.

Is there any Solution for monitoring the temperature of the modem?
(except of this sensors -j command)

best regards and thx