LTE Modem Assistance needed

Hello! I am in the United States and I have installed the Quectel QC20 Mini-PCI Modem in my Omnia. I can’t seem to get it correctly configured/recognized. I intend to use it with a SIM from Verizon on their LTE network. I know the SIM is good, as it works in another device. I tried looking at the documentation, but I still can’t get it working quite yet. Could someone please assist me? Many Thanks! -Rob

  • did you follow the official tutorial?
    Step 2: did you see /dev/ttyUSB2 listed?
  • try connecting to an existing internet connection and run the updater, i had to update the firmware to get LTE working.

Yes, I did try to follow the instructions. Here is what I see when I query with dmseg | grep tty:

Qualcomm USB Modem now attached to ttyUSB0
Qualcomm USB Modem now attached to ttyUSB1
Qualcomm USB Modem now attached to ttyUSB2
Qualcomm USB Modem now attached to ttyUSB3

So I don’t understand why I am seeing so many instances of the same device.

As far as my updates go, I believe the Omnia itself is current, and I don’t know how to obtain/install the latest firmware for the QC20 Mini-PCI card.

Thanks, any other assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Put a plastic tape on the SIM card (sometimes the contact is not good so the tape helps).
Install and try kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan & luci-proto-qmi (go to interfaces and change protocol for the Lte interface to qmi cellular, device /dev/cdc-wdm0, insert your APN, and authentication type NONE) rather than what the official tutorial proposes

Could you please detail the steps you took to update the firmware on this device? Thank you very much.

connect the router to an existing/working internet connection and access the foris webinterface from there you can check for updates.

I did that, and switched to the RC branch, so I am now on 3.11 and that did get the router working. I am talking about the firmware on the mini pci card itself.