LTE Kit contents


Since LTE kit was not available anymore when I ordered my Turris Omnia, I was looking for the parts to order them.

I’m ordering:

  • Two RF cables (SMA/U.FL) of 10cm and 15cm
  • Two LTE Antennas (SMA, 5dbi gain)

I have two questions:

  1. Length of the RF cables: I saw from the installation video of the LTE kit that there’s a longer and a shorter one, but no length is specified about the parts. I assumed 15cm as the longer one and 10cm for the short one. Is this correct?

  2. I could not find the cooling passive block, that I saw in the video, to install on the LTE card in order to manage the excessive heat. Can anyone tell me where to find it, or a product code to look for?

Thanks a lot.

Official aftermarket LTE kit?

The cooling block is probably created for exactly this wireless card and that box - so even if You got the original passive cooler, it might not fit, because You have have another LTE card!

You can se the original LTE card on the left here:

its a Quectel…

You might need to use another passive cooler and eventuelly create som went holes in the box, to make it work!


The format of these cards is the same, miniPCIe. As you can see from this pic, there’s the MC7455 that I have with the EC20. Main block is exactly the same format. So I guess the passive cooler would work also on this card.

Is there any product code for this passive cooler?


No, it actually looks like a raw self sawed piece of aluminium. I can measure it with my caliphers if You have any possibility to create Your own!

Are You sure that You can find a driver for the system for the card You have bought? Whenever You get it ill tell You that its very nice to have a backup connection when You set it up - because You need a internet connection to download the driver. I havent found out how to download it and put it on a usbdrive and how to install it manually.



My LTE kit is for sale as I ordered the NAS box at a later stage and I can only run 3 out of my 4 mSATA modules. Just drop me a PM if interested.


I’m interested in the contents of the kit, minus the card itself, if you were able to sell off the card elsewhere. I live in the US, and the particular card variant included in the LTE bundle doesn’t work here. I intend to just order the correct variant of the same card.

I tried to purchase this about a month back, but received no response to my email. Same goes with my LTE band availability comment when the LTE perk was introduced. I’ve seen similar requests from others going back into early this year.


@Azdano: The LTE kit was sold in the meantime. Sorry, I should have updated the thread…


@herimuc: received your LTE kit last friday, and today my Omnia. :slight_smile:

Installed everything, the LTE modem is working. I just need to understand how to configure the multi-wan.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the update. Glad it works. Good luck with the multi WAN :+1:


Multiwan works. It was tricky configuring it, but it worked. Configured it with LTE fail over.

Thanks for the kit.


Does anyone want to sell his LTE kit? I’m searching for a kit with all the original parts. Please drop me a PM.


How did you solve the “problem” with the cooling block?


Setting up LTE modem type EC25 miniPCI-E as directed
but the box “select modem devices” is not added as / dev / ttyUSB2.
Even though you are automatically allowed aktvalizace at the Omni. I can not find the user there netutils list.
The manual has been around for older software? As for the modem EC25 miniPCI-E ???
I have Turris Omnia - RTROM01 ver 3.4
Advise someone?


If anybody is selling LTE kit, please let me know as well, thank you.


You can find a Quectel EC25 for a nice price there:
I ordered antennas here:
And the SMA connectors: