LTE card: Mikrotik R11e-4G - would it work with Omnia?

Hi all,

I have a chance to get a LTE card from Mikrotik - product code is R11e-4G.
Would this product work with Turris Omnia?

Thanks for any hints!

Depends whether a driver is available in OpenWRT that supports the chipset of that card.

I doubt it. Mikrotik themselves only claim support for routeros.

Here is a similar discussion at the OpenWrt forum:

Thanks a lot for your replies, guys. I have also read through the OpenWrt forum and most likely will stick to one of the Quectel modems as it seems to be less cumbersome way.

Unless you always have the router nearby, don’t bother with the Quectel modem.
Most times for me it hangs and needs to power cycle the router for the modem to work again.

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