LTE card disappears after Turris update

An automatic update between 2017-01-22 and 2017-01-31 (snapshot dates) reproducibly makes my LTE card (bundled Emtec, -E version) disappear from lsusb output. It seems like that the changes involved a kernel upgrade. All the kernel modules seem to be present (usb_serial, usb_wwan, qcserial, cdc_ether …) and are successfully loaded according to dmesg, still, the modem not recognized as a USB device. Any idea what part of the update might be the culprit?

UPDATE (since I can’t reply any more): After some debugging it turned out that the kmod_usb2 package was missing, it was removed as part of the nas package list (which I don’t need). I filed an issue to add it as a dependency to the netutils package list.