LoRaWAN mPCIe module in Mox B or Mox G


Hi all,

when my mox has arrived, I’d like to tinker around with it.
One of the options I’d like to test, is to use the mox as a LoRaWAN Gateway by installing a LoRaWAN mPCIe card (such as https://www.n-fuse.co/devices/LoRaWAN-Concentrator-Card-mini-PCIe.html), and runnning the software for it inside a container.

Currently I wonder if the cards might even work in the mox module and the documentation (https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/mox/mox-b-pci) just says “standard cards”. LoRaWAN is most likely not a standard application. Where can I find the specification (pin-out) of the mPCIe slot of the mox module?

If I start this project, I’m going to use this thread to document it.


Looking in the documentation of the mPCI Card it states that it uses the USB Interface of the mPCI connector. Given that the Semtech SX1301/8 is a USB CDC Device, a serial device should be found by the kernel.

I think, in the worst case you have to load a kernel module with some parameters…

happy hacking… (Still waiting for my MOX …)