Loosing 5G wireless and drops in Internet connection via cable

After the latest update in December I’m having some problems with my new Turris router.
My 5G wireless is disappearing of and on. Must reboot router to get the 5G wifi up again.
From a cable connected workstation (iMac) I’m having loss of connection to Internet several times every day. Waiting for a minute or so the connection is back again.
Can I provide someone with logs or other information because this is a problem that need to be solved?

I’m seeing the same behavior with the 5ghz. It has become unreliable and I’ve had to revert to my previous router.

try to switch to master nightly build. that resolved this problem for me.

6 days rock solid 5GHz since i switched.


it is a nightly build though, so you might want to switch back to stable eventually, when the current wifi fix gets into the stable branch.