Looking to buy: Turris Omnia 2GB

Has anyone got an board sitting around they would like to sell ? :slight_smile:
Please consider if you have one sitting around doing little

happy to take one in the box
no wifi needed but nice to have

let me know below



I’m selling a whole unit if it ships to an address in the U.S. See my post for details:

Hi I’m in Europe and Oceania on a regular basis are there any in that region ?

@johnjonesname I have a Turris Omnia 2GB for you.
I live in The Netherlands, maybe we can work something out?

@remyvv What is Your price expectation?

I was thinking around 200 euro + shipping.
The router is the 2GB WiFi version.
Also i modded the CPU cooling following this guide: Operating temperature
So the operating temps are around 15-20 degrees lower than usual.
Currently is it not being used anymore and sitting in its box, but the last time it was used it was working great.
The reason i’m selling is that i migrated to a virtualised pfSense router + 2 simple AP’s.

@remyvv I sent You PM