Long-Time User With Old Question - Why Does My Turris Omnia Have TWO Distinct Interfaces?

I’ve been quite happy generally with my Turris Omnia router but continue to be confused on those times I access my router to have to choose between FORIS and LUCI interfaces.

It’s never clear to me given the task at hand which interface to choose and I frequently find myself searching between FORIS and LUCI for the functions I’m seeking.

So my questions is why TWO separate interfaces rather than a SINGLE interface organized well into readily accessible functional?

luci is OpenWrt’s interface. AFAIK Turris OS does basically no changes to it. (Re)Foris is a Turris-specific interface for the most commonly needed stuff, designed as suitable even for people who… don’t really know what they’re doing.

EDIT: I believe from this it directly follows why it’s this way, and I expect it will stay that way.

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BTW, if something can be done in ReForis, I certainly recommend to do it there.

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