Logs spam "DHCP packet received on eth2 which has no address"

Hello. I’m getting this error in system log repeating at least every second. eth2 is used for public IP WAN connection so it concerns me.

config interface 'wan_wifi'
    option ifname 'eth2'
    option proto 'pppoe'
    option username '<censored>'
    option password '<censored>'
    option mtu '1480'
    option ipv6 'auto'
    option dns ''
    option metric '30'

I’ve tried to modify /etc/config/dhcp with

config dhcp 'wan_wifi'
    option interface 'wan_wifi'
    option ignore '1'

But that didn’t help. I must be missing something possibly caused by WAN not being called default “wan”. Thanks for any advice.

curiously here is someone with a somewhat similar log but involving a different dev

wondering whether those are correlated or separate incidents.

Are you familiar with packet capturing via tcpsump and packet inspection with a tool like wireshark? To see what actually happens with dhcp traffic on the router.

Also WAN usually connects with eth1 and not eth2 unless TO is being a LAN client to another device that provides WAN connectivity.

Both eth1 and eth2 are WANs for me. I’ve suppressed the error by modifying etc/config/dhcp>>config dnsmasq and appended line list notinterface 'eth2'

config dnsmasq
    option domainneeded '1'
    option boguspriv '1'
    option localise_queries '1'
    option rebind_protection '1'
    option rebind_localhost '1'
    option local '/lan/'
    option domain 'lan'
    option expandhosts '1'
    option authoritative '1'
    option readethers '1'
    option leasefile '/tmp/dhcp.leases'
    option resolvfile '/tmp/resolv.conf.auto'
    option port '0'
    option localservice '1'
    option dhcpscript '/etc/resolver/dhcp_host_domain_ng.py'
    option nonwildcard '0'
    list notinterface 'eth2'