Logging WAN downtime

My Turris Mox has been great, but lately my upstream provider has been flaky. My router (in modem mode) stops transmitting at random times, sometimes during an important Zoom call.

I’d like to quantify my downtime. Is there an easy way in Turris to log upstream network outages? I’m not looking to log monthly bandwidth used, I’m trying to log the number and duration of outages.

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I’ve scheduled a script in cron running every minute. It changes wan led color and logs an event to sys log if there is no response of ping to google dns server.

    if ping -c 1 -w 3
            rainbow wan 00000F auto
            rainbow wan red enable
            logger "DNS not available"

Inspired by https://www.s474n.com/project-turris-automaticke-nastaveni-rgb-led-dle-provozu/


You can use atlas probe as well for that (at least was working very well with a hw one). You get uptime report at the end of the month.


For the same goal than you @soren, I running an old-fashioned but working smokeping, in a reboot proof LXC containers on the Turris Omnia.
It probes well known and accurate assets as configured.
Does the job for “duration” and “number” :wink:

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