Local name resolving not working if using 'home.arpa' DNS suffix for LAN

Factory reset Turris 1.1 with OS 6.0.1, only after minimal initial configuration. If I set the local DNS suffix to ‘home.arpa’, the Knot blocks resolving local names taken from the DHCP configuration with reference to the standard Locally-Served DNS Zones. If I use, for example, the suffix ‘in.lan’, local resolving works OK. Yet, if I understand correctly, ‘home.arpa’ should be the suffix intended for local networks.

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Right. We work upstream on combining these rules better.

In the meantime, you can unblock the subtree. EDIT after months: I’m sorry, it does not work due to another issue.

(Queries to non-existing names may then leak to upstream resolver, contrary what the RFC requires.)