Live update of factory medkit on sdcard?

Hi guys,
could you prepare a guide how to update the @factory snapshot to latest medkit on MOX sd card?
It should be fairly easy and possible, correct?


It was answered long long time ago by @miska in “Turris OS 4.0 (Here be dragons) - Community office - Turris forum

Backing up your current setup on Omnia

To backup your current setup and your working configuration you would need a flash drive, preferably with ext4. Insert it into USB port and mount it. For example:

mkdir /mnt/backup; mount /dev/sdg1 /mnt/backup

Now you can use schnapps to backup your current system:

$ schnapps create pre-4.0 backup
Snapshot number 166 created
$ schnapps export 166 /mnt/backup

This way you just created a medkit on your flash drive with your current setup. Any time you want to return to this working configuration just plug the flash drive into your router and perform 4 LEDs factory reset.

Later is was repeated in “[solved] Medkit built from my Turris Omnia? - SW help - Turris forum” by @JardaB in slightly modified form :wink:

Does work in MOX as Well :wink:

In Turris OS 4.0+ it should be as easy enough to download appropriate medkit and running schnapps import -f medkit.tar.gz. Note that this imports content of medkit as factory version without doing much of the checking.

Just note that official supported approach is using fourth rescue mode.

thanks guys, the schnapps seems to work, cheers to that! :slight_smile: