Linux kernel Turris-OS

I see. Well that is also a way to make Turris-OS useless for other routers or hardware that one could turn it in to a router like a Raspberry PI. Some work needs to be done, like you said to make it MAYBE work. Well i am not sure if there are people who are willing to do that.

Then OpenWRT, is the better choice. LEDE, also is going to be a bit of less of a good choice, because those guys want to focus more on the stability instead of bleeding edge part. Stability is indeed important, but having for example a Linux kernel 2.6 or 3.x is kind of useless in the long run. People who buy or want to use alternative router firmware, want to have bleeding edge stuff, not some dinosaurs OS.

Anyhow, thanks for the valuable info.

But you can run TurrisOS (OpenWRT) on any ARM architecture, but plugins are for some brand of architecture, but you can download them (from openwrt repo/lede repo) or compile from source them for your architecture, which shouldn’t be problem, right?
And if you want plugins, which are especially made for Turris you can edit them/compile them, because everything about TurrisOS is open-source which is really appreciated
But you don’t receive automatic updates for packages, what you wanted and also you should care about that system by yourself alone. For them as inteliboy said you should have same architecture as Omnia, but still doubt that CZ.NIC automatic updates will work on any other HW that it isnt made from CZ.NIC. Maybe in future, where they do some modifications…

Well, for other families of ARM, if you use armv7 or newer, it should in theory work on other hardware with few exceptions. First one would be kernel. You would need to get your own kernel and modules. Also in few places there might be some stuff harcoded - like partitions layout, switch layout, interfaces connections - but mostly it would be about default configuration and could be possible to override.

For the Turris-OS it self, you can expect to have somehow a auto-update. For the plugins…Well, long live the community right?

For the plugin-packages that need to be auto updated, you could open a server or whatever then share it with the rest of the people who want to work with you on this. Then if an update comes from CZ.NIC, the only things that need to be updated are the packages. So recompile them and put the URL in to the software-configuration page where Turris OS also looks for when looking for new packages. TADA–auto updates for the plugin-packages…for everybody who wants to use it…or somewhat XD.

Although i am not sure how useful those plugins are. The only thing that i really care about is Turris-OS, WITH latest LTS Linux kernel at least and the necessary software fixes. Some plugins some people indeed do use, others use other plugins. So whatever is your flavor right. The plugins that i want are mostly already supported in openwrt, so no sweat for me.