Limited Edition of the Turris Omnia router - latest update 18th October 2022 on Indiegogo

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Well, this unveils Turris shop - and with it affordable DBDC Wi-Fi 6 for MOX: MOX Wi-Fi 6 Add-on - CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.

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This is 2x2 card. You can buy cheaper 4x4 also from Turris team and with TOS support.

No, this maybe DBDC, but only Wi-Fi ac/n. Card with link above is Wi-Fi 6 each.

Camo verze topuje klasickou modrou :heart_eyes:

That is Wi-Fi 5 card and it is not DBDC. The above mentioned card will handle 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time. So you can use just one card (mPCIe slot and two physical antenas) to cover both frequencies for example in Turris 1.X or in some MOX setups.

Já mám doma stříbrnou Omnii, která je hodně podobná té stávající, byť pod jiným názvem. Naštěstí tenkrát nestála dvanáct.