Librespeed - Set test-server

Using librespeed to test my internet connection. Unfortunately, it’s automatically using a test-server in Serbia, which isn’t very optimal in my case and gives low test results.
Is there a way to control which server is used? And are there lists of server one can use?

Our current implementation is as simple as possible. Thus there is no way how to configure (via reForis or any other way) which server to use.

The only way how to measure via Librespeed using a specific server is in the CLI - for example:

librespeed-cli --server 85

This will measure using our measurement server. The list of all available servers can be retrieved by librespeed-cli --list. There is also a possibility to exclude some server(s) from automatic selection:

librespeed-cli --exclude 87

This will exclude the server in Serbia.

See librespeed-cli --help for more information.

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