LEDE has merged with OpenWRT

what does it mean now for turris? no need for moving to lede since it moves to openwrt?

Well no. Lede is more than just a name. Lede is originally OpenWRT too. And if you look to linked commit it just replaces all Lede occurrences to OpenWRT. This makes merging with upstream no way easier or harder. This just has no effect to us. We have to incorporate all changes Lede introduced and that is not made easier by their original decision to not to do git fork instead doing source files fork (we had to merge unrelated histories because of that). In the end it’s nice that they are merging back to OpenWRT but we already merged their tree to ours. But we still need to do more work in kernel and our packages for example.


In other words, that commits you mentioned are just rebranding. LEDE has been renamed back to OpenWRT.

That doesn’t make the work we need to do any easier.

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Too bad… I came “rushing” to the forum with the happy news… only to read @cynerd’s response to @Fenevadkan in this tjhread (of @DarioX7 who beat with 28 days…).

Ah well…

Thanks fly out to the whole Turris Team for all the hard work you guys are putting into the Turris (Omnia)!