LED strange blinking ? - Or is this normal?

I got new Linux cable modem (arris) and since then in turris omnia router with upgraded
just to Version 5.0 has strange blinking LED ?!
Photo is attached. Obviously PCI1 and PCI2 is blinking ?
Means totally there are 5 LEDs lightening on.

But at moment only one computer is connected to the turris router.

PCI 1 & 2 - they both represent Wi-Fi cards. Therefore one is 2.4GHz and second one is 5GHz Wi-Fi.
then you got power led active, WAN active and 1 ethernet cable active (probably some LAN device)

I see nothing strange


Okay. Thank you. The one for 5 GHz is probably because of Arris cable modem
(with built-in router and WLAN) ? It has BSD-Linux inside. Or is it Turris itself ?

definitely turris unless you have connected your cable modem to your PCIe - extremely unlikely.

Okay. No Alarm then. This thread is solved.