LED separation component to improve clarity of light


I pick up my separator today, printed in 3Dhubs (around 6€) in black PLA with 200microns and fitted perfectly on my omnia. No problems at all. Now, at maximum brightness, the effect is much more less noticiable.

Thank you for the information to make this possible, it can be a great addition to a Turris v2.0


I also had mine printed via 3DHubs in PLA, 200microns (the cheapest option I could find). It fit perfectly. Many thanks for the design!


It works!
Printed with an Anet A8 in about 30 minutes.
Greetings from Spain!


Surprisingly, the opposite happened to me. After opening the case to tighten the antenna connectors, I was never able to get the rightmost LED in its hole. The separator helped holding them in place while reassembling, so now they all fit perfectly in the respective holes. :smile:


Is there any recommendation how it could be printed? 10% more in all axis?


It should be printed exactly like modelled. The problem is if your printer is not very well calibrated, the walls can be printed thicker, especially when you opt for 100% infill, because your printer may be extruding more filament than the slicer expects. Choosing lower infill value is usually enough to avoid this issue.


Thanks, I’ll ask my friend/colleague for second try :slight_smile:


I printed by servis and all is ready.


It works well for me, as well (and I did not even use the finest print quality). I like how the design allows a screw-less but snug installation.


Has anyone tried the version 2 separator?


Yes and it works great. Only 3 LEDs are actually ON on the first two pictures.
(all pictures with LED intensity set to 100)


Oh, wow! Why have I only found this today? Thanks a lot for the heads-up, I just ordered a pair of them. :sunglasses:


Where did you order from?


I ordered from 3D Hubs (it’s a marketplace for small local manufacturers around the world).



Really, if there is a future hardware model of the Turris Omnia in the works, this separator should be installed with the lights by default. It’s great.


UPDATE: screws off, separator v2 on. Works like a charm. Totally NO bleedover from any one light tube to the next, no problems sliding the separator over the lights.

The next iteration of Turris Omnia should definitely include the v.2 separator by default.

[my old message:]
I absolutely cannot remove the screws to get the router’s case off. I was able to get only one of the 6 screws unscrewed. I tried 5 differently sized phillips-head screwdrivers and applied a tiny bit of WD-40 to the area of each of the screws, but could not get the screws to budge.

I don’t know how I’m going to get the case off.

Any suggestions?


I printed v2, it does it’s job. Thanks