LED color code list


Hello all,
For those of us staying with the Omnia, I wanted to at least provide some small documentation to help out the community. I ran through the following color codes in System\Rainbow section of the LuCI interface. The Omnia LED color codes are based on hexadecimal notation, but it seems limited to only certain digits. It seems to interpret other digits as F’s or 0’s, for instance 00CC00 produces the same result as 00FF00 (note that I haven’t done very thorough testing, 3’s instead of 0’s produce different results).

And now to the meat!

000000 : Off
00000F : Dark Blue
0000F0 : Blue
0000FF : Blue
000F00 : Dark green
000F0F : Dark blue
000FF0 : Blue
000FFF : Blue
00F000 : Green
00F00F : Light green
00F0F0 : Light blue
00F0FF : Light green
00FF00 : Green
00FF0F : Light green
00FFF0 : Light blue
00FFFF : Light blue
0F0000 : Dark Red
0F000F : Dark Purple
0F00F0 : Blue
0F00FF : Blue
0F0F00 : Dark Yellow
0F0F0F : Grey
0F0FF0 : Blue
0F0FFF : Blue
0FF000 : Green
0FF00F : Green
0FF0F0 : Light Blue
0FF0FF : Light Blue
0FFF00 : Green
0FFF0F : Green
0FFFF0 : Light blue
0FFFFF : Light blue
F00000 : Red
F0000F : Red purple
F000F0 : Purple
F000FF : Purple
F00F00 : Orange
F00F0F : Pinkish
F00FF0 : Purple
F00FFF : Purple
F0F000 : Yellow
F0F00F : Yellow white
F0F0F0 : White
F0F0FF : White
F0FF00 : Yellow
F0FF0F : Green yellow
F0FFF0 : White
F0FFFF : White
FF0000 : Red
FF000F : Red purple
FF00F0 : Purple
FF00FF : Purple
FF0F00 : Orange
FF0F0F : Pinkish
FF0FF0 : Bright Purple
FF0FFF : Bright Purple
FFF000 : Yellow
FFF00F : Yellow white
FFF0F0 : White
FFF0FF : White
FFFF00 : Yellow
FFFF0F : Yellow white
FFFFF0 : White
FFFFFF : White

If you find any new colors and codes, please add to the list!


The voltage-controlled of LED brightness isn’t linear. PWM controll of LED brightness supposed to be OK.


Thanks for useful list.


Pitty that there is no more control over the colour as with RGB leds we should be able to get much more than this.
However the quality of the LEDs seems poor as my Omnia delivers ORANGE colour when set to RED. I was not able to get clear RED colour at all.


A more thorough test, or some documentation, might reveal more options. Mind you my red may be some one else’s orange. The list is just a rough draft at the moment.


FFFFF is some blue’ish white, for my eyes, FF8866 imho is a “better” white.


Thank you, excelle t work :slight_smile:


My LED colors set

4e4d0e all (eth) - white
b50000 power supply - ?? red
0118e4 WAN - blue
216300 PCI 1-3 - green (wifi 2,4 a 5)

the above mentioned FF8866 white is for me a little into the pink (rose)

My color Assistant


Would be nice to have a option to say
if WAN = 0% = the Red
if WAN <5% = light green
if WAN <20%= dark green
if WAN <50%=yellow
if WAN <75%=dark Orange
if WAN over 75 dark red


you mean something like this? LED color based on bandwidth usage :slight_smile:


@MiKe yes this i was looking for. - Merci


Color range scale is illogical. Begins and ends with the Red. The order of the nature Rainbow is better




Simply put in google hexacolor or www.color-hex.com


Never tried it for yourself? Does not really work 1:1 in hexacolor.


Of course does not work 1:1. LED can not display all the range like LCD can. I choose approximate color and then need 3 or 4 tries to adjust to get color I want on LED


More selected…color codes and name