LED color based on Beanstalkd queue

Wrote this thing, which allows you to control the user1 and user1 LEDs (A/B) via a Beanstalkd queue

I’m going to use this to monitor the status of disks / backups and things like that.

Maybe it can help some people here… it can certainly be expanded and PR’s are welcome :slight_smile:


Looks good but we need to add some real jobs, such as listening io for read/write.

Is it compatible with TOS 6?


Well I am using a bash script that runs a PostgreSQL query and then uses beanstool to put things into the beanstalk queue. All this is a cronjob, on a x86 server and nothing to do with the router itself.


I checked and I am on a 5 version of the OS. The only thing it really does is write to some /sys files so it is likely to still work… if not it would (likely) be a super easy 5 min job to hack the code to make it work.

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