Latest update of devices?

When was latest update of turris omnia ?
And when of turris shield ?

Two months ago:
HBS (stable) - turris-version_5.1.10 - 2021-03-04 12:04

I kind of disagree with that answer. In the one hand it’s correct but in the other hand for devices running version 3.xy tha latest update is more far as long as the automated update/migration from 3.xy to 5.ab is not supported.
I wish I could just update to tha latest 5.ab version…

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I see 3.11.23 from 2021-01-29 (three months ago). But I expect you’re missing “larger” updates than what 3.x is receiving.

Yes, that’s true. Just as an example: NextCloud is very outdated with its PHP5.x core…
There’s no need for me to keep 3.x but no way to update either. I did try the manual upgrade way but got massive problems and needed to restore my full backup… Not that satisfying, if you know what I mean. :wink:

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